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I wrote Peopleguide some time ago. It was produced as a monthly series of articles in a local magazine, and then BBC Radio Nottingham did a few features based on some of them. Here it is in it's original form. It's not updated, just adapted for the web with hyperlinks and stuff.

It's a humourous thing, based on observations of different kinds of people and how they approach things. You might spot your friends, and yourself in amongst the types ....

Camera users
The Executioner
The Lightmeter
The Undeveloped
The Showoff
The Wouldhavebeen

Supermarket shoppers
The Socialite
The Biannuals
The Partygiver
The Label Checker
The Victim
The Impressionist

New Year resolutionists
The Keepfitter
The Anti-choc
The Wardrobe

Restaurant diners
The Novice
The Billsplitter
The Vocalist
The Victim
The Knowall

The Perfect
The Chameleon
The Dishevelled
The Fashionable
The Trendy
The Unique

The Checker
The Casual
The Solongasitgetsmethere
The Makedo
The Accessory

Film watchers
The Spoiler
The Rustler
The Buff
The Bluff
The Seenit
The Remote

The Canvas
The Sunlizard
The Tourer
The Cagool
The Costa
The Fourperyear

The Welcomer
The Showhouse
The Ornament
The Messy
The Tasteless

The Washup
The Fancydress
The Kitchener
The Lasttogo
The Gatecrasher

VCR users
The Old Hand
The Technophobe
The Tapemiser
The Tapemagpie
The Betabore
The Camcorder

The Staunch
The Trivial
The Serious
The Campaigner
The Spoiler
The Notbothered

Christmas shoppers
The Organised
The Disorganised
The Gadget
The Greengiver
The Samething

The Strict
The Goodquestion
The Lax
The Standup

Rail travellers
The Windowstarer
The Sleeper
The Parent
The Nervous

Holiday service personnel
The Coachdriver
The Tourguide
The Hotelreceptionist
The Pilot