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Adson Personality Test - form 2b
APT The Adson Personality Test (2b) uses a series of questions to establish aspects of your personality. After you press 'submit' your profile will appear on screen. The test and analysis is completely confidential. No information about you or your answers to the test are stored anywhere.
Begin now. For best results: Work quickly, don't change your first responses.
Add words to each of the following phrases to make a short statement with which you would in general agree:
  • My parents were....
  • People with pets...
  • Those who hold religious views...
  • Mental illness is...
Make a pattern by ticking in the boxes below

Select numbers to score the following in terms of importance to you. A "1" indicates very important and "5" indicates very unimportant. You can assign the same number to more than one item.

Type in a word that rhymes with the word "set"

Think of a person who you think is like you in personality. Select a category that best describes them from this list:

(I lecture in psychology in Nottingham, UK, but I did not invent this test. See the full credits on the final page. I adapted it to work online.)