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The Ornament

This person has 2,531 articles which are on display in their living room. Each one is dusted daily, and placed carefully back onto the mantelpiece or shelf in its tiny bit of space like a bather on a package-holiday Spanish beach returning from a swim. Occasionally, as you look around at some of the objects (in fact there is nowhere to look which has no objects), you will see a loosely connected collection, such as a few pottery animals, or some paper-weights. But mostly you see a very unstructured assortment, in which novelty pencil sharpeners, horses and carts, wicker hens and balancing dolphins are thrown together in vibrant disharmony. This person displays everything which is ever given as a gift, so do not be surprised when you visit and see the tea-cosy which you gave or Christmas has been mounted, framed and hung above the writing desk.