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VCR users
The Betabore

There are now only four working Betamax videos in the country. Three are in museums and the Betabore has the other one. To justify their lonesome plight the Betabore will tell you that Betamax gives better quality, is cheaper and the machine will also wash dishes. The Betabore is hard to spot until near the end of a conversation which runs like this:
You:There was a great programme on last night but I missed it. I've asked everybody, and nobody recorded it.
Betabore:I recorded it, you can borrow it if you want.
You:Oh great, that would be wonderful. You've made my day. Thank you.
Betabore:That's OK, but are you Betamax or VHS?

Favourite recordings include everything you would like to see but that you did not record yourself.