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The Tasteless

Taste is a highly personal matter, and none of us agree, but this person has the opposite of your taste. This person, believe it or not, has (delete as appropriate): flying ducks on the wall, orange and green wallpaper, venetian blinds, tubular chrome and corduroy chairs, white walls, black walls, plain walls, multicoloured walls, last year's Habitat furniture, matching chairs and curtains, gold bath taps, a fishing net hung on the wall, a 'coal effect' electric fire, polished floorboards, a standard lamp with a tasselled shade, deck chairs, "director's" chairs, wicker chairs, bean-bag chairs, an open fire place, spot lights on the wall, a print of a wide eyed, orphaned child crying, mirror tiles, pretend wooden beams on the ceiling, horse brasses, a cork notice board, a futon, a Mickey Mouse telephone, a trimphone, a letter rack with a postcard from Blackpool stuck on the front, .....